Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Godfather (Uncle Marc) and The Godmother (Aunt Carlye) hold Elizabeth and commit to be Christian examples to her throughout her life.

Father Wade woke a sleeping Elizabeth with the Holy Waters of baptism. She didn't cry, though.

Elizabeth hung out with Father Wade thoughout the rest of the baptisms, for the Peace, and during the announcements.

Then The Bindels gathered for a picture. (Uncle Tim and Mary Clare are sitting in the pews waiting for us. Why aren't they in this picture?)
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  1. I'm so glad someone was taking pictures during this. The picture of Merril holding Elizabeth while he's doing his thing is wonderful. We loved every minute of being with you guys!

  2. Stephie's Kickball team took 2nd place in a weekend tournament so we had to miss church...We were thinking of you! Elizabeth looks adorable!!!
    Mandi :o)

  3. LOL, I don't think Merril looks very glad that I was taking pictures! It was a wonderful day.

  4. My sister didn't read the program so she had not idea she wasn't supposed to take pictures until I asked how she had pix of the ceremony. :-)