Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost One Updates

She walks a few steps easily now, usually lunging from one spot or person to another. I don't count so much now, but I'd say she takes ten or so steps usually before falling or resorting to a crawl.

She knows what is what -- she uses a brush to "brush" her hair. She tries to put on her shoes and clothes (though I have seen her try to pull pants over her head). Anything resembling a necklace, she tries to put over her head.

She can throw a tantrum! Back arching, crying, and cussing. Her trigger seems to be anytime control is taken from her.

She loves water and drinks from a sippy cup usually. I am trying to move her away from the sippy now and on to cups with straws. She really likes to drink from our cups with help, but she's messy.

She eats and loves food, but boy, is she messy!

Her sister can make her laugh! Elizabeth loves for Caroline to be silly.

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