Friday, December 11, 2009


Poor baby girl. Elizabeth had rough nights Monday and Tuesday earlier this week -- she seemed gassy, waking screaming and grunting like she was trying to pass gas. Early Wednesday morning, the fever came -- 102+, so I took her to the doctor. Our regular doctor was out, so she saw a fill-in who pronounced it a cold and said to call back if the fever wasn't gone by Friday. This morning, still 102, so we went back. Dr. Millar thinks the tummy troubles could indicate a UTI, but the cough concerned him, too, not to mention three days of 102 temps. Elizabeth is on her first ever round of antibiotics (which would knock out either a respiratory infection or a urinary tract infection) and we are now the proud owners of a nebulizer and will be giving Elizabeth breathing treatments this weekend. Baby girl is spending lots of time in my lap or in the sling. She's also getting her bottom molars in the midst of all this. It is hard being a baby!
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  1. Poor baby! Aunt Buffy can't wait to shower her with kisses!