Thursday, March 4, 2010


It is so fun to really see Elizabeth blossom into her own little personality.

She is a climber. Step stools, toddler chairs, toddler table. If she can hoist her leg onto it, she'll get on top of it.

She loves to suck on water. Two favorite activities -- climbing on the step stool in the bathroom, getting her toothbrush, and demanding (with grunts) that I turn on the water so she can wet her toothbrush and suck on it; getting a washcloth and taking it to my bathtub, turning on the water, wetting it, and sucking on it.

She is very social and friendly. In our music class, she walks around to everyone in the circle, waving and saying "Hi!" If someone comes in late, she makes a bee-line for them to offer her "Hi!"

But she can be a bit rough and loud and has often (heck, at least once a day, I'd venture) made another baby cry with her physical affection or boisterous verbalizations.

And she follows one step instructions very well! When I ask her to put a toy in the basket, she does it! That makes momma very happy!

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