Friday, April 9, 2010

15 Months

Mary Elizabeth is growing up so fast!

Weight: 23 lbs 8 oz (50-75%
Height: 30.5 inches (50%)
Head: 48.5 (97%)
Pokes: 2 pokes, just a split second of crying

We are on the cusp of the language explosion, I believe, as we are seeing new signs daily along with grunts and babbles becoming understandable words.

She runs. She climbs. She laughs a lot!

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  1. She is getting so big! I miss my little neice! She is catching up to her favorite cousin Mary Clare! :)

    thanks for thinking of the girls at Easter and sending them the book. It was very thoughtful of you! And they love it! It goes every where with us!
    YFSIL Stephanie xoxo