Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair Band Warning

Little Miss Elizabeth gave mommy quite a scare as we drove from my dad's to my aunt's lake camp for day two of the family reunion. I had put a tiny rubber hair band in her bangs that morning. As we drove, she started crying in the backseat. I looked back and she was pointing to her eye, crying "Eye!" with it squinted shut. I wiped at her eye, thinking the white I saw was eye icky, but then noticed there was a bit of the rubber band poking out under her eyelid. I tried to get to it but she was fighting me. I yelled for John to pull over and help me. He jumped out and I held her arms while he pulled the rubber band out. Her vision does not seem affected, but I think her eye looks a bit dark underneath now. I'm strongly considering cutting her bangs and doing without the bang sprout look now.

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