Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Such a fun age!

I really love all the personality and learning that comes with two!

Elizabeth loves to sing. Caroline and I (and Elizabeth) watched the Sound of Music together last week, and Elizabeth sings along with the movie now and belts out Do Re Mi on her own throughout the day.

She likes to pass the Peace, shaking your hand and say "Piss" (or so it sounds.) She is usually in the nursery at our chuch during that time, but after visiting Sacred Heart in Wichita Falls over Christmas, the passing of the Peace of the Lord has become a favorite activity of hers.

She used the potty at music class today. She's asked before during class, but we have never before made it from the circle, out the door, down the hall to the bathroom, into the stall, pulled down pants, and sat on the potty *before* she started peeing. Until today! :-)

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