Sunday, April 10, 2011

Words and Why

We have entered the "Why?" phase.

A few of her special "words"
-- bainby = banana
-- bwabee = water
-- m'gain = more again
-- moose = move
-- Y=L as in "that's lucky!" or "logurt"
-- M=Lem as in "lemon Ms" (you know, the candy-coated chocolates), her friend Lemaline (Emmaline), and water lemon (watermelon.)

Every restaurant (fast food or not) we pass is "Chick-a-Lay."  And most meats are "turkey."

And the answers to some frequent questions:
What is your birthday? Jan-ary 8
What is your favorite color? green (always green, though if you hold up several different crayons, they are also all green.)
What is your name? Liz (in a deep, husky voice)

She has called our priest Jesus.

She is great with names and uses them. She got bitten in the top of the "Chick-a-Lay" playscape and was able to report just who had bitten her from hearing the boy's mom yell his name over and over. Any man or woman (of any age from teenager to octogenarian) is "'body else's mommy"

And we have to take turns singing in the car now. She tell me when it is my turn and when it is her turn.

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