Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two and a Half

Posted by PicasaElizabeth turned two and a half yesterday. And we celebrated by letting her have a night away from mommy! (Yeah, bad timing on my part, maybe.) Elizabeth weaned (very much mommy-led) about two weeks ago. She still asks to nurse every morning, but we get out of bed instead and go watch "Nick and Sally" AKA Cat in the Hat, instead. We are still working on using the potty. We were there. And then we went to the lake for spring break, so there was regression. And we were there again, and then we went on vacation and regressed again. And now I just figure we'll be done at some point, but I won't worry about it!

She and Caroline play so well together now. And they fight so much. Really, for the first time, I see the girls as a reflection of my childhood with my sister. Such fun. And such fighting. And I sympathize now with my mom, especially when they are both fighting for my lap for reading time. Elizabeth knows so much about "big kid" stuff, like Star Wars and Captain Underpants. Really, should a two year old even be able to say Captain Underpants, much less recognize him?

Her language has totally exploded. She is fully communicative now. Her favorite book is SISTERS. When she likes something, she asks to do it "moragain." Things she doesn't like to eat are "lucky." She likes eating popsicles, swinging, spinning, and dancing. When there are four of anything, she classifies them from biggest to smallest as Daddy, Mommy, Caroline, and Elizabeth. She confuses blue and red; green and pink. Any word she sees written is "my name."

Elizabeth not only looks like her daddy, but she shares some of his personality traits, as well. He'll admit to it, too. They are STUBBORN! And I adore them both!

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