Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Posted by PicasaElizabeth had her first day at Mother's Day Out today. She will go Tuesdays and Thursdays to the MDO at a church a street away from our house in a program run by Caroline's piano teacher. Elizabeth has been very excited about starting HER school for a couple of weeks, and she was this morning. . . until we heard the wails and cries coming from the room as we approached. One little boy was not at all happy to be there. And others joined in with his upset. And so did Elizabeth. I disappeared, though, as the teachers encouraged, went off and enjoyed my morning, thinking about her constantly. And then as I approached to pick her up, the director was waiting for me and handed me an envelope with the "incident report" as she told me that Elizabeth bit a child. Oh no! I was so upset, but so not surprised. I am hoping for a better day Thursday.

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