Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chocolate lover

Without a doubt, Elizabeth likes chocolate.

After her cousin's birthday party (where she tried some Cool Ranch Doritos that she did not like), her Uncle Tony asked, "What are your favorite kind of chips, then?"

She didn't even have to think before replying, "Chocolate."


When I was baking before Thanksgiving, I tried out a beer bread recipe. Elizabeth, as is the routine, asked to lick the beater. After a lick, she handed it back to me asking, "Mommy, can you turn this in to chocolate for me?"


After returning home from a trip to the grocery store, Elizabeth ran in to John's office. "Daddy, we're home! she chirped. "It was good. We got chocolate."

(She may look like her daddy, but she got her mama's chocolate-tooth!)

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