Friday, January 13, 2012

Three year well check

Weight -- 33 lbs (75%)
Height -- 38 1/4 (50-75%)
(thought I am dubious about these numbers since I think she was slouching on the height measurement, and Caroline was recorded as 75% at her three-year-well-check at 37 lbs.)

She got one poke -- for Hep A -- since she's going to MDO. No tears (though she did tell me it hurt and whined a bit after the nurse left the room.)

She slipped in the shower this morning and scraped her foot pretty badly. That has bothered her all day. We also showed him the molloscum contagiousum we've been battling for a year now, and he thought it didn't look too bad. We're to just keep doing what we've been doing while we wait for her immune system to attack it.

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