Sunday, April 8, 2012


Friday, after Noon Good Friday service, we arrived home and the girls found notes on the door to "Check the back porch." Our friend Colette had left their baskets on the porch. What a fun way to find them!

Then, we dyed eggs. I let each girl pick four colors from the Paas egg dyeing kit and gave them each four mugs filled with vinegar and water. I told them to drop the colors into their mugs. And then I blinked and turned to hear "It's yucky!" and spitting. This is what I found.

We had the cousin egg hunt Saturday. Each girl found six eggs with numbers in them. They then got to choose a prize from the prize basket in order of the numbers in their eggs. The twist was that they got to keep three of the prizes but had to give away three -- either to an adult or a cousin.

Nana brought the girls just what they've been asking for! A chicken to lay eggs!

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