Monday, May 7, 2012


While mommy was at Bible Study this morning, Elizabeth took a tumble in the church nursery, falliing and hitting her head on a plug in the wall. It happened just before the moms all walked in to pick up the kids, and the sitter was holding a crying Elizabeth and looking for paper towels to clean her up (there were none.) I grabbed Elizabeth and took her to a different bathroom to try to clean her up. She was resistent, and I didn't push it. She just wanted to go home. She was fine, even playing for a few minutes with the other kids, but we headed home where I cleaned her up. I texted her picture to John, Poppy, Aunt Mary, and a nurse friend from church. When we got home, our fire fighter neighbor was outside, so I had him take a look and he asked if she lost consiousness, which she had not. He saw no reason for a doctor visit. I called the doctor anyway to see if they had glue or steristrips in the office that they could put on for me (since it was hard for me alone to hold her still and apply the bandages.) They didn't have anything in the office but said I could come in so they could have a look. No thanks. :-) Then I texted another nurse friend who lives down the street, and she was home and had the glue at her house. Off we went, Elizabeth happily as she was going to see a friend! Unfortunately, as I was pulling her shirt over her head tonight, I pulled a bit of the glue off and her head bled again for a bit. After she was asleep, I went to CVS and got more liquid bandage and John and I cleaner her up and doctored her up while she was sleeping.
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