Saturday, June 15, 2013


Still a sand bug!

The bunk beds were a huge hit! The girls even had their own little TV.

We had to have dinner at Poppy's.

And then enjoyed the fireworks show.

Elizabeth liked the sand but not the saltwater, so she needed lots of snack and pool breaks.

We snorkeled in Destin, and though the picture of the people is blurry, the water, as you can see, is crystal clear!

The girls both loved mini golf at the resort.

and building sand castles and making friends.

We stopped in New Orleans on the trip home to celebrate mom's birthday.
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VACATION! Road Trip Part

We broke the there and the back trip into two parts, spending a night on the way in Lafayette and on the way back in New Orleans. Each state's welcome center was a great place for a pit stop and pictures, and we found the best spot for lunch on the return trip at a little place in Vidor. :-) (My uncle had a little fish fry and we stopped and visiting with family and filled our tummies.)
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Satoro Time

Since the Satoros are leaving Texas next month, we're getting in as many visits as we can. Cabella's is a great meeting point.
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Monday, June 3, 2013


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Campout with Daddy

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